The Hellenic Center and Library.

We are an all-volunteer, non-profit charity organization.

Our goal is to make Hellenic heritage engaging and accessible to members, patrons and the So Cal community. We are affiliated we many other Hellenic organizations is So Cal.

Our mission is to preserve and promote Hellenic art, culture and education in a current and contemporary context

    Services that are available to members, partons and the community
  • Lending Library
  • Use of the elegant Hellenic Cultural Center facility
  • Audio, video and multimedia archive
  • Greek language programs
  • Organized events on culture, literature, film, music, etc.
  • Art exhibits

The renovated 1,200 sq ft multi-purpose facility houses the Library content, has state-of-the-art multimedia audio-video equipment and lighting installation. It can be converted for art exhibitions, group meetings or social gatherings.